im ashleigh. second name senior. brown hair with hazel eyes. hair consists of one long layer, and loads of short ones on top. im 15 and live in the UK. i have broken my collar bone in 3 places (knocked over by a car), broke my arm in 3 places (fell over on my heelys), broke numerous toes off pulling the door over them. not clever at all. i haven't been on tumblr that long, so im still getting the hang of it. i have also just got an ipod touch so no dout i'll be blogging in my sleep. i have facebook, just search me. i also have instagram, just search ashleigh_182. i will totally follow you back. I dont have style, and frankly don't care. i think music is amazing. my favorite genre of music would be from heavy metal to pop-punk. but mostly pop-punk. i love pop punk, cant stress enough how much i love it. most of my post is about stuff i like. mostly music and clothes and things that make me laugh. OH OH and lots of Blink182 stuff :3
#blink182 #bigfan #joke #allthesmallthings  (Taken with instagram)

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#blink182 #bigfan #joke #allthesmallthings (Taken with instagram)

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